Oviedo DreamWeave Flat Sheet - 100% Hemp Soft Loom
Oviedo DreamWeave Flat Sheet - 100% Hemp Soft Loom
Oviedo DreamWeave Flat Sheet - 100% Hemp Soft Loom

Oviedo DreamWeave Flat Sheet - 100% Hemp Soft Loom

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Envelope yourself in unparalleled comfort every night with our premium Amber Hemp Flat Sheets. Crafted meticulously by hand, each sheet is woven from 100% pure hemp fabric, ensuring an eco-friendly yet luxurious addition to your bedding ensemble. Revel in the extraordinary softness that only improves with each wash, transforming your sleeping experience with a homely, inviting touch that beckons restful slumber.

This versatile piece serves dual purposes, gracefully fitting as a top sheet or seamlessly tucking under the mattress as a refined flat sheet. Its durability is unmatched, thanks to the robust 160 g/m2 hemp fabric that is gently stone washed to achieve an exquisite level of softness. Lovingly handmade in Lithuania, this sheet is more than a bedding accessory; it's a testament to sustainable luxury and ethical craftsmanship, making your leisure moments irresistibly cozy.

Caring for your hemp sheet is straightforward, maintaining its splendor and quality through time. A simple wash at 30-40 °C,85-100 °F safeguards its structural integrity, while oxygen-based bleach can be utilized for white versions without compromising color vibrance. Whether you opt for hand drying to preserve the fabric's natural aesthetics or tumble dry on a low setting for convenience, this sheet adjusts to your lifestyle. To achieve a sleek appearance, ironing on a low setting is recommended, smoothing out the fabric's natural texture into a polished finish.

Your patience in receiving this handcrafted marvel is greatly appreciated, with a standard preparation time of 5 business days. Shipped directly from Lithuania to your doorstep, each order is fulfilled with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring your sheet is responsibly produced with minimal waste and maximum ethical standards.

Please note, due to the inherent nature of organic fabric and handmade production, slight variations in color may occur, reflecting the unique charm of each sheet. For those looking to enrich their bedding collection with an item that embodies comfort, sustainability, and craftsmanship, look no further than our Amber Hemp Flat Sheets—a serene escape woven into the fabric of everyday life.