Moratalaz Glasses Revival - Eco-Friendly Recycled Glassware

Moratalaz Glasses Revival - Eco-Friendly Recycled Glassware

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Stirring rod:

Stirring rod


This unique cocktail stirrer is handcrafted by skilled artisans from a workshop in Jalisco, Western Mexico, where the craft of glassblowing has been passed down through generations. Led by Doña Josefina, the workshop not only specializes in creating exquisite glassware but is also renowned for its commitment to social responsibility, offering employment and training to those in disadvantaged situations, helping them re-integrate into the workforce. The material used in the creation of this stirrer is 100% recycled glass, emphasizing environmental sustainability.

Recycled glass is chosen for several reasons: it requires less energy to melt compared to new materials, it can be melted down and reused indefinitely without losing quality, and it conserves raw materials such as quartz sand, soda, and limestone, reducing the environmental impact associated with new production.

Each of these cocktail stirrers is a testament to the tradition of Mexican craftsmanship, unique in its shape, size, and appearance, celebrating the beauty of individuality. Its creation not only supports a greener planet but also a community-driven initiative that values the dignity and creativity of each individual involved in its making.