Moratalaz Aqua Artisan - Recycled Glass Infusion Pitcher

Moratalaz Aqua Artisan - Recycled Glass Infusion Pitcher

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Enhance your hydration experience with our elegant glass pitcher, perfect for adding a splash of natural flavor to your water. Simply fill it with your preferred fruits, vegetables, or fresh herbs, and pour water over them. Not only does this create a refreshingly delicious beverage, but it also serves as a visually stunning centerpiece. Proudly crafted from 100% recycled glass, this pitcher underscores our commitment to sustainability. Did you know that glass can be melted down and reformed countless times without any degradation in quality? Our skilled glassblowers in Mexico have mastered this art, producing exquisite glassware exclusively from melted down recycled glass. Each piece is mouth-blown and embodies the principles of fair trade, ensuring that every pitcher is not only environmentally friendly but also a unique work of art.