JARRA MANCHAS pitcher, glass

JARRA MANCHAS pitcher, glass

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Product information "JARRA MANCHAS jug, glass"

To match the colorful MANCHAS drinking glasses, we present here the jug in the same design.

The raw material, which is processed in our partner workshop, is 100% recycled used glass.

Advantages of recycled glass:
- Recycling glass requires less energy than producing new glass, as recycled glass melts at lower temperatures than the raw materials required for glass production.
- Glass can be melted down as often as required without any loss of quality.
- Melting down used glass saves raw materials such as quartz sand, soda and lime. This also helps to reduce the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.

Each mouth-blown glass is unique and a piece of Mexican craft tradition. Small differences in shape, height and diameter are not defects, but emphasize the uniqueness of each glass.