Irun Breeze Linen Ensemble - Hypoallergenic Sheet Set
Irun Breeze Linen Ensemble - Hypoallergenic Sheet Set
Irun Breeze Linen Ensemble - Hypoallergenic Sheet Set

Irun Breeze Linen Ensemble - Hypoallergenic Sheet Set

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Transform your nightly rest into a tranquil haven with our sustainable Linen Sheet Set, a perfect blend of comfort and eco-consciousness. Crafted from 100% hypoallergenic linen, this bedding is gentle on your skin and kind to the planet. Celebrated for its breathability and temperature-regulating qualities, linen ensures you experience serene and uninterrupted sleep through every season.

Elevate your bedroom’s ambiance or gift a touch of coziness with this set, ideal for anyone seeking to enhance their sleep sanctuary. Each bundle comprises a flat sheet, a snug fitted sheet, and pillowcases tailored to the set's size - single sets come with one pillowcase, while double and larger configurations include two. The delicate details, such as pillowcases with envelope closures and fitted sheets featuring comprehensive elastic hems, showcase meticulous craftsmanship.

Produced with an unwavering commitment to quality, these sheets boast a weight of 160 g/m2 and undergo a stone washing process for unparalleled softness. The authenticity and ethical production are guaranteed, as each piece is lovingly handmade in Lithuania, carrying the approval of OEKO-TEX® and EUROPEAN FLAX® certifications.

Linen’s enduring nature makes it a sustainable choice for long-standing use, provided its care recommendations are followed. Favoring gentler washes and natural drying methods will maintain its inviting texture and integrity, allowing you to savor the pure comfort it brings.

We ensure a direct journey from our artisanal studio in Lithuania to your doorstep, with each order conscientiously prepared and dispatched within five business days. Though our creations are made to order, reflecting a unique and ethical approach to production, delivery timelines may vary based on your location.

As we strive to present our products accurately, please note that actual colors may differ slightly due to varying monitor displays. We encourage an understanding and appreciation of this aspect, as it highlights the natural and individual beauty of each linen piece.

By choosing our Linen Sheet Set, you invite a layer of luxury and sustainability into your life, promising nights of peaceful slumber wrapped in the embrace of nature’s finest fabric.