Igualada Dream Frill Pillowcase - Romantic Linen Pillow Shroud

Igualada Dream Frill Pillowcase - Romantic Linen Pillow Shroud

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Indulge in the epitome of bedroom elegance with our handcrafted Linen Pillowcase, adorned with charming frills to offer your sleeping space a touch of romantic finesse. Fabricated from premium 100% natural linen, this piece not only exemplifies durability but also boasts a lightweight and moisture-wicking capability, ensuring your utmost comfort across both balmy evenings and cooler nights. The pillowcase's unique frill decoration introduces a delicate and stylish accent to your bedroom decor, enhancing the beauty and serenity of your resting area.

Each pillowcase is meticulously crafted with an envelope closure for effortless usability, ensuring your convenience is never compromised. The luxurious 160 g/m2 linen is stone washed to achieve unparalleled softness, promising a gentle touch against your skin. Proudly handmade in Lithuania with utmost care and attention to detail, this bedding accessory embodies sustainability and ethical production values, evidenced by its OEKO-TEX® and EUROPEAN FLAX® certification, guaranteeing no harmful substances are used and endorsing its eco-friendly nature.

Caring for this exquisite pillowcase is straightforward, ensuring its longevity and preserving its beauty over time. With linen being a robust and resistant natural fiber, it flaunts unique bacteriological properties and a commendable resistance to wear and tear. We recommend washing at a temperature of 40°C,100°F to prevent shrinkage, and suggesting hand washing for thinner linen to maintain its integrity. Utilize oxygen-based bleach for white linen only, and embrace either hang-drying for optimal drying results or tumble drying on a low setting. While ironing is an option for a refined finish, we encourage embracing the natural crinkled appearance of linen for a more relaxed aesthetic.

Exclusively tailored upon order to minimize fabric waste and uphold our commitment to sustainable and ethical manufacturing, please allow a slight processing time for your bespoke pillowcase to be created with love and precision. We ship globally from Lithuania, delivering directly to your doorstep with all the care and quality assurance you deserve.

Kindly note, actual colors may slightly vary due to monitor differences, and purchasing identical color items separately could result in minor color discrepancies attributed to natural linen qualities and varying dye lots.

Elevate your bedroom’s allure with this exquisite linen pillowcase, an insignia of craftsmanship, sustainability, and timeless style.