El Carmel Artisan Glassware - Recycled Glass Tumblers

El Carmel Artisan Glassware - Recycled Glass Tumblers

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This exquisite long drink glass hails from a distinguished glassblowing workshop in Jalisco, a region in Western Mexico renowned for its craft traditions. The workshop is under the caring guidance of Doña Josefina, an advocate for social integration, providing stable employment opportunities for the disadvantaged and offering apprenticeships in the esteemed craft of glassblowing to the youth. Emphasizing sustainability, the workshop exclusively utilizes 100% recycled glass as its raw material.

The advantages of using recycled glass are manifold:
- It requires less energy to melt compared to producing new glass, as recycled glass melts at lower temperatures.
- Glass can be recycled endlessly without any loss in quality, contributing to environmental conservation.
- The process conserves natural resources like quartz sand, soda, and lime, and reduces the environmental impact associated with raw material extraction.

Each long drink glass is a testament to the Mexican handcraft tradition, mouth-blown to perfection, ensuring that every piece is unique. Variations in shape, height, and diameter are not flaws but rather hallmarks of its individuality and the artisanal expertise behind its creation.