Cies Serenity Linen Luxe - Breathable Luxury Flat Sheet

Cies Serenity Linen Luxe - Breathable Luxury Flat Sheet

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Elevate your sleep sanctuary with the unparalleled comfort of our premium Linen Flat Sheet. Crafted from 100% linen, this flat sheet is not just a piece of bedding; it's an investment into countless nights of serene, comfortable sleep. The exceptional quality of our linen fabric, boasting a weight of 160 g/m2, has been stone washed to achieve an extraordinary level of softness that welcomes you to lie down and unwind.

Our Linen Flat Sheet stands out with its exemplary breathability and thermoregulation capabilities. Whether it’s the peak of summer warmth or the chill of winter nights, this sheet adapts to your body temperature, ensuring your comfort throughout the seasons. Versatile in its design, it serves wonderfully both as a top sheet and a traditional flat sheet, enhancing your bed with an extra layer of coziness.

Handcrafted with the utmost care in Lithuania, this piece speaks volumes of love and dedication. It reflects not only a commitment to quality but also to ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices. The fabric comes with the assurance of OEKO-TEX® and EUROPEAN FLAX® certifications, guaranteeing that it meets high standards of safety and environmental care.

Caring for your linen sheet is straightforward and ensures its longevity, allowing it to become softer and more beautifully textured with each wash. It's resistant to bacteria and wear, making it a durable addition to your linen collection.

We are pleased to offer worldwide shipping directly from Lithuania, committed to bringing this handmade, made-to-order luxury directly to your doorstep with minimal environmental impact and the assurance of ethical production.

Please note, as a unique, handmade item, the shade of our linen may vary slightly, reflecting the natural qualities and variability of the fabric. We strive to present our colors as accurately as possible, but screen variations may affect how they appear.

By choosing this linen sheet, you're not just selecting a bed linen; you’re embracing a lifestyle of comfort and sustainability. Elevate your bedding ensemble today and experience the transformative effect it has on your sleep and relaxation rituals.