Calahorra Tequila - Recycled Glass Craftmanship

Calahorra Tequila - Recycled Glass Craftmanship

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This unique glass piece hails directly from the heart of Jalisco, a region in western Mexico renowned for its skilled glassblowing artisans. Managed by the esteemed Doña Josefina, this workshop stands out not only for its exquisite craftsmanship but also for its heartfelt mission. Doña Josefina has dedicated herself to the cause of integrating socially disadvantaged individuals back into the workforce. Offering full-time positions and providing invaluable apprenticeships in glassblowing, she enables these individuals to rediscover their professional paths, instilling in them the pride of mastering a highly respected trade.

At the core of our workshop's practice is an unwavering commitment to sustainability. Every creation begins with 100% recycled glass, ensuring that our environmental footprint remains as light as possible. The benefits of utilizing recycled glass are manifold: it requires less energy to melt compared to fresh materials, as recycled glass melts at significantly lower temperatures. This not only conserves energy but also allows glass to be reused indefinitely without any loss in quality, effectively reducing the need for raw materials like quartz sand, soda, and lime. Moreover, this practice plays a crucial role in diminishing the environmental impact typically associated with new glass production.

Each glass, masterfully shaped by the breath of our artisans, is a testament to Mexican craftsmanship. These hand-blown pieces, with their subtle variations in shape, height, and diameter, are not to be seen as flaws. Rather, they are the marks of uniqueness, highlighting the individual journey of creation each glass undergoes. Through these minor differences, the spirit of Mexico's rich artisanal tradition is vividly brought to life, making every glass not just a vessel for drinks but a piece of art to be cherished.