Arucas Heritage Glassware - Recycled Mexican Blown Glasses

Arucas Heritage Glassware - Recycled Mexican Blown Glasses

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Our glass comes from a glassblowing workshop in the Jalisco region of western Mexico, a place known for its rich tradition in the craft. Under the leadership of Doña Josefina, the workshop places a special focus on supporting socially disadvantaged individuals. By providing them with permanent employment, she helps them reintegrate into the workforce, while also offering training to young people in the esteemed profession of glassblowing. The workshop prides itself on exclusively using 100% recycled glass as its raw material.

The benefits of using recycled glass are manifold:
- It requires less energy to process since recycled glass melts at lower temperatures compared to the raw materials needed for new glass production.
- Glass can be recycled repeatedly without any loss in quality.
- Utilizing recycled glass helps save raw materials such as quartz sand, soda, and lime, reducing the environmental footprint associated with the production process.

Each piece of our "Agua Azul" glassware is hand-blown, making it a unique testament to Mexican craftsmanship. Variations in shape, height, and diameter are not flaws but are rather the hallmark of its uniqueness, celebrating the individuality of each piece.